Love doesn’t always appear in convenient forms, cultures, or times we would like them to. But when it happen do we cast them aside because of others may think? What if that chance never comes again? When her tears save him from a certain death…he begins to live for her. This is the making of a Visual-Kei Rock Star… Ambitious African American Sadie Bank has one desire—to become the best professional dancer and choreographer in her field. But sometimes destiny has other plans… Japanese music protégé Subaru Chouda was born a beautiful and gifted child with a musical soul too sensitive for the life he was born into. The youngest son of a troubled promiscuous mother and a forced absentee father spirals him into a deep dark depression that nearly steals him from this earth until…Sadie. Visual-Kei Rock Star is a tale that expands a decade. Over this expansion of time these two most unlikely to be friends become lovers drawn together by a force stronger than age or racial differences.


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I am in love with her writings. If you are an African American woman or girl in love with the Japanese culture and men. Than Shiree McCaver is the Arthur for your good reads.