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Haven’t been posting lately

Sorry to everyone who has waited for my posts to update. I lot has happened over the past months, and I am just getting back into the swing of things. So with that being said. “Here I am world!”

Lets make it happen!Image


Yamapi and Ryo leaving NEWS!!!!

Yamashita tomohisa along with Ryo Nishikido are offically leaving the J boy group “NEWS”.  The band was formed by Johnny Kitagawa in 2003, orginally with 9 members, over time the band became a 6 member sensation with Leader Yamashita Tomohisa well known by his fans as Yamapi.


Over the years the band members have engaged in their own activities,  Ryo being the lead in a popular band    “Kanjani Eight”, Tegoshi and Yuya formed “Tegomass”, Keiichiro now he can be seen weekly as a newscaster on NTV, and Shigeaki has starred in many dramas along with a  solo PV.

I guess from now on we can only wish all the guys our best. I pray that they are reunited soon.


Yamapi is sex on legs

yamapi    I just so happened across this page and almost died from a nose bleed.

Yamashita trending 4 Pi’s Birthday

Trending #JE – Trending for Yamapi’s Birthday [DECIDED]

Trend for Yamashita’s birthday project.  Please  click link and find out more about this trending  project!!


UNUSUAL Namie Amuro feat Yamapi

Download: UNUSUAL Namie Amuro feat Yamapi

Yamashita Tomohisa Fandom Tshirts on sale!!

We present to you our very first project from this group (YAMASHITA TOMOHISA FANSCLUB INDONESIAP, YamaPi T-Shirt. This T-Shirt was made to make our bonding between all members closer than ever. And we can use this T-Shirt for our future gathering event as our uniformity. With a design taken from Yamapi’s solo concert’s (SuperGood SuperBad) logo.

Pre-Order : 1 – 15 Maret 2011
Price : Rp.70.000 (exclude shipping)
Material : Cotton
Available in 4 sizes: S, M, L dan XL (based on women-shirt size).

Size :
S –> Length = 65 cm, Width = 40 cm
M –> Length = 68 cm, Width = 45 cm
L –> Length = 70 cm, Width = 50 cm 
XL –> Length = 73 cm, Width = 55 cm


Message FB : ERNA TIANA (order)
Email : (order)
Confirm : 085220503000 (payment)

[Format Order]

Name :
Adress :
Phone Number :
Size :
Order Number :
Payment (BCA/Mandiri) :

*barang ready akhir maret…..^0^*

utk lebih lengkapnya bisa lihati di event

Contact Erna

Namie Amuro & Yamapi Unusual

Namie’s new song with Yamashita. Simply love it!!!