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The Lord and the Scorpion (Shiree McCaver)

Ethan Clare is a loyal subject of Queen Elizabeth I. While he is loyal he doesn’t like the Queen’s interference in his life. He has already lost one wife to childbirth and now the Queen has set up his marriage to another woman, when she comes of age.

While at Hampton Court Palace to celebrate the Queen’s birthday he sees, and falls for, a Moor, a servant who cares for Lady Frances, the child of Sir Francis Walsingham, the Queen’s most trusted advisor.

Sauda Mauri, a Moor, is a trained assassin. In addition to being Walsingham’s daughter’s caretaker she is working with Walsingham to eliminate the Knights of Darkness, a group of nobles bent on assassinating Queen Elizabeth and putting a Catholic on the throne.

While at Hampton Court Sauda is injured while saving the Queen’s life. At Walsingham’s insistence Ethan nurses her back to health. Then Sauda and Lady Frances travel to the Clara’s home, as Frances is to be trained as a lady-in-waiting by Ethan’s mother. And Sauda is continuing to search for the leader of the Knights of Darkness.

Rich in detail and history The Lord and the Scorpion by Shiree McCarver is a fantastic read. Ms. McCarver has created a story that captivated me from the first page and held me until the last. I loved the fact that Sauda was such a strong woman in Queen Elizabeth 1’s England. I was also entranced by Ethan’s love for her and his willingness to show that love.

I truly enjoy this book, and would recommend it to anyone into Black women White men romance.  



African American Charlene Alfred, a 41-year-old writer is about to have her first best selling novel Blu’s Diary turned into an internationally released miniseries which features a jaded Japanese rock star that has hit rock bottom. Her manager gives her an ultimatum: use the Japanese lead actor of their choice or forget the project. When 24-year-old Japanese pop sensation known as Kane hears that the writer he’s always admired, strongly believe he’s too young for the crucial role, he makes it his mission to change her mind; only to find that there is a connection between him and this woman that defies all reasoning and logic. The building of emotions and passions between these two characters keeps you almost breathless as you journey to the beautifully exotic city of Tokyo, mixed with new technology and old traditions. Come and experience this amazing love story that will put two careers in jeopardy and two lives in danger as possessiveness, buried secrets, and lies, are exposed. Will love be enough to fight the ghosts of the past?

I am extremely excited about reading Shiree Mcaver’s work. This book will not leave my hands until I devour it hahaha.

The Foreign Girl He Loved



Kaiya reached for her cell and flipped the silver screen open to answer. Hello; she said in a soft voice.
Yes, Ms. Kaiya Adams? We’ll begin to shoot in about 4hrs. Pleasemake sure to arrive an hour ahead of time for any needed changes. “I understand Mr. Kamenishi.” Kaiya closed her phone and begin to prepare for her assignment; she would be working with a Japanese production company for a week in New York. She was a model scheduled to play side byside with a J-artist visiting the country for work on his upcoming solo performance.
Kaiya was 17 and stood at 5’7 ft 90lbs with asmall build. Her honey complexion glowed in the spring sunlight. Her jet black hair hung in ringlets about her round baby face, and full lips. Her father nicked named her his African princess. So it came naturally when she was asked to model, for her beauty was well known in her area. In her spare time apart from her school studies she studied Japanese cuisine and help prepare dishes at a popular Japanese restaurant in the downtown area of New York. And now today she would be seen a world over on the screen if the director liked her work in the production.
Kaiya slung her brown leather tote around her torso and left the house she shared with her adoptive parents Mr. and Mrs.Adams.
Jonathon Adams was a brilliant man in his late 40’s; son of a black army sergeant and Japanese mother named Maki. He met his wife Sakura while in College and married after a chance meeting at a business convention overseas. When the couple could not produce a child of their own they opted for adoption; Kaiya was chosen after a visit to the St Francis orphanage in Harlem. For the next 15yrs the Adams residence had its up and downs, but the house was filled with love, and understanding.

Chapter 2  The Meeting

The theatre was cold and dark as he set looking out, a single tear rolled down his cheek. “Good, Cut!” That was great Yamashita-san. Yeah… it’s a bit easy to cry today I guess. Really, answered the director. Well than let’s get you ready for the next scene, please come this way for a wardrobe change. “Ok”. He smiled and followed the stylist to the backroom. How does this feel? Um this is nice; I’ll stay with this one. A tall slim man came through the door, “Yamapi, the model is here.” It was Kamenishi. He was quite a beautiful young man in the sense of his features were that of a woman’s. But his manly qualities shown in his actions which were captured more than once on the JE TV from time to time.
Now you get to do the thing you love the most,dancing my friend, “Yatta.” Yamashita called out. The two men walked down the hall chatting about the plane trip over and the lousy food. As they rounded the corner their eyes grow wide, their lips opened simultaneously, Kawaii, the two men said. Yamashita turned to look at Kamenishi. Kamenishi introduced himself to the lovely young model. Kaiya I presume. “Yes.” Hello my name is Kamenishi, and this is the gentleman you will be working with today. Yamashita stepped forward extending his hand. Please call me Tomo. Kaiya reached out a small delicate ebony hand, I’m please to meet you Tomo, she answered with a smile and big black eyes. Her hand was swallowed by his. It felt soft to the touch.
His breathing quickened at her touch. He did not realize her affect on him until Kamen’s voice asked, “Are you Ok?” “Itsu” he answered.
The director came over to the three,” Now that we have all been introduced lets begin.” I would like for the two of you to slowly dance, Kaiya turn your head so that you’re facing away from the camera , Yamashita-kun place your left hand around her waist and look towards her. Yamashita reached for her and pulled her close to his body, while placing his hand on the small of her back; their eyes met and for 3 seconds they locked on one another. Kaiya please turn your head this way; yes. Yamashita looked down for a moment to regain himself and continued on with the directions. Ready?Action! Kaiya was noticeably shorter than Yamashita, she could feel his stare. They danced beautifully to the music,it was 

magical. The kira kira feeling in the air was amazing as the two moved together. God she is so beautiful; Yamashita thought to himself. Cut! Great job you two. You did well. Thank you Tomo. I like your song; it’s beautiful for this time of the year. I think so as well, Thank you. Take care, bye. An assistant came to show Kaiya to her next destination , she walked down the hallway a bit and looked back at the young man to find him also looking at her, they both smiled. Yamapi, down boy, down;Kamen laughed.
Kaiya finished up a few more shots of her on stage and Yamashita looking down at her.She was dressed in a gorgeous gown her hair was pinned up, but one curl wouldn’t be tamed and kept its place along side her face. Her shots ended and she left after thanking everyone for the chance to participate and also their hard work, Otsukarasama. The next day during break Yamashita and some other staff had coffee and discussed the trip. American’s taste and my own don’t match at all, Yamashita said to his staff-sans.I know it’s like a crash of dishes here. And they have nothing teriyaki base. We have to find a great Japanese restaurant,agreed.
Say no more, remember the beautiful kuro girl that was here yesterday? Oh yes the gorgeous one, hai. She recommended a place downtown to me and said I should check it out. Nikki, a girl working with the production team softly answered what would a kuro girl know about Japanese taste. Yamashita stared at his country woman and looked away. Who will join me tomorrow? Count me in said Yamashita, and us too.
That night Kaiya came home and retreated to the bath were she soaked and refreshed her mind. Upon stepping out of the door, her mother waited with a cup of green tea. How was your day Kaiya? It went well okaisan. I think the director liked my parts. Good, I have been thinking Kaiya wouldn’t you like to visit your grandparents in Japan. Oh yes! They are getting up in age now and can not continue making the trip over every other year. Afteryou finish up with the preparations for college, take a small break and govisit them, you would be a big help to ojiisan and obaasan. Yes. Now father is waiting lets have supper.
Kaiya had work after school; she changed into her chefs’ suit and placed on the hat. Konbanwa,sensei. Konbawa Kaiya. Today we have guests arriving around 7pm for a private dinner, let’s surprise them with your skills little one. Hai. Kaiya was an excellent cook for her age, the owner Mr. Fuji would have her working under himself; her presentation and flavors where in peciable. The guest arrived, Ok Kaiya, they are here and the order is in lets begin.
The skillets and pots came to life with the flames and movements of the senior and apprentice chef. Finally the servers covered the dishes and presented them to the guests. Itadikumasu! The group said and begin to dine. O Oiishi! This is wonderful. I feel as if I am home.Umm he eggs are deliciously half cooked to perfection. At the end a chilled new bottle of champagne was brought to the table. Please tell the chef to come out so that we may pay our respects to his skills. From the back a door open and out walked Mr. Fuji. He was a tall man with cut features, be hide the chef walked a petite beautiful black girl with dark eyes. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail with the exception of one curl.
They made their way to the table. Yokoso minna san. Kamenishi stood; “We all would like to thank you for such a wonderful meal.” It was truly manifest. Than please thank chef Kaiya, she prepared the dishes you have enjoyed so much. Kaiya stepped forward and bowed. EH!!! From yesterday the model. In a soft voice Kaiya responded Hai. Yamashita stood up, you prepared all of this? Hai. She is very gifted and has been blessed with the taste buds of our Nippon. Kamenishi and the others looked on in amazement at the girl. Nikki stood and raised her glass speaking swiftly in Japanese. Everyone looked in her direction, what is she trying to prove? Kamenishi thought. Fuji-san nodded to Kaiya,and she answered Nikki in fluent Japanese. As I am not of the age which primets me to drink, I will excuse myself, sayonara. Yamashita leaned toward kamenishi; She is so my style.