Ethan Clare is a loyal subject of Queen Elizabeth I. While he is loyal he doesn’t like the Queen’s interference in his life. He has already lost one wife to childbirth and now the Queen has set up his marriage to another woman, when she comes of age.

While at Hampton Court Palace to celebrate the Queen’s birthday he sees, and falls for, a Moor, a servant who cares for Lady Frances, the child of Sir Francis Walsingham, the Queen’s most trusted advisor.

Sauda Mauri, a Moor, is a trained assassin. In addition to being Walsingham’s daughter’s caretaker she is working with Walsingham to eliminate the Knights of Darkness, a group of nobles bent on assassinating Queen Elizabeth and putting a Catholic on the throne.

While at Hampton Court Sauda is injured while saving the Queen’s life. At Walsingham’s insistence Ethan nurses her back to health. Then Sauda and Lady Frances travel to the Clara’s home, as Frances is to be trained as a lady-in-waiting by Ethan’s mother. And Sauda is continuing to search for the leader of the Knights of Darkness.

Rich in detail and history The Lord and the Scorpion by Shiree McCarver is a fantastic read. Ms. McCarver has created a story that captivated me from the first page and held me until the last. I loved the fact that Sauda was such a strong woman in Queen Elizabeth 1’s England. I was also entranced by Ethan’s love for her and his willingness to show that love.

I truly enjoy this book, and would recommend it to anyone into Black women White men romance.