Yesterday I read up on Yamashita san’s fall from the stage.  I was so worried for him after reading this mishap. I pray that he gets a much needed vacation after his solo cons. He definatly works too hard at times and never complains.  Yamashita san I will complain for you. Please give him a break Johnny. He really deserves it. 

Credit to Achan on Facebook for information.

Yamashita san had a mishap during the second show in Fukuoka on the 10th. While singing the song “Tomo”,he had to change out of his rope into a leather jacket, but as the stage was very dimly-lit, he must have missed a step and fell off the stage. There was a small bruise on his left cheek after he got back on the stage. He carried on performing as usual, with smile on his face! What a professional super star, I believe he can handle this little injury ’cause he is a strong guy! Not to worry, just wish him speedy recovery and hope that he rests well.