NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa (25) seems to be involved in quite a bit of dating rumors recently; we previously reported that he had gone on a date with a foreign woman, and now ‘FRIDAY’ has caught him on another date with a beautiful blonde French woman.

The two were spotted at a bar one night in Nishiazabu getting quite intimate, as the couple was seen whispering into each other’s ears as well as linking their arms together.

It’s unknown whether or not this is the same woman we reported on previously.

Now my spin on things} I have been reading quit a few post comments about Tomo’s dating preference, like who really cares right! Wrong,… some of the fans are truly harsh when they find out their beloved-ed idol is dating outside of Asian territories.

Examples ( It’s just a fling, she’s french) ( Oh no, not an American. Blonde bitches)

Personally,  this is truly sad, and doesn’t speak much for the loving fan.  As a fan, you should give your blessings for happiness, not down trout his choice in a partner.

And hey, yeah! this may just be a publicity stunt. But as  fans we have to support our Pi no matter what.

Yamashita kun make it the color of the rainbow baby, I’ll continue following you always.  Xoxoxox