Japanese pop singer Jin Akanishi held a special press conference before his concert this Sunday to talk about his up coming plans in the USA. It was announced that he will collaborate with American singer Jason Derulo for his debut single.

The song will be a collaboration written by Derulo and will be featured on Akanishi’s full album, which is scheduled to be released this fall. The song is currently being worked on and Akanishi has indicated that it will be a pop tune.

In 2009 Derulo debuted with the hit song “Whatcha Say,” which was produced by J.R. Rotem. Other hit songs sung by Derulo include “Ridin’ Solo” and “In My Head” which were also produced by Rotem.

Aside from his US debut plans and new single, it was also announced that Akanishi will be releasing his DVD of his current tour titled, “Yellow Gold Tour 3011,” on May 4th

I am personally a big fan of Jason Derulo so I can not wait to see how this collaboration is going to go. Even if Brian Joo was just doing a cover of “In My Head” I still loved the live stage collaborations they both did when Jason was in Korean.  I think this might be a good opportunity for Jin. Maybe his US debut wont be a crash and burn after all.

(What the Hell is Johnny san doing!!)