I’m upset about this event. And even go as far as saying Johnny is acting “Zeni geba”. At times his ideals for promoting Yamashita san just seem immoral to me.

Basically these fans are able to molest our Pi if they purchase a copy of his single,.. a single that they could care less about, just so Johnny san can get the numbers he wants on the charts. (~~”)

(This is extremely annoying to me) Hadakanbou is not my favorite of Yamashita san’s singles, but I purchased it out of respect for Pi’s talent, not to get a hand shake.

To the fans who do attend this event,.. please cherish the moment, because our Pi is humbling himself as always for the love of YOU!

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Update everyone here is a picture of the Hand shaking event @Sunshine city. Yamashita’s fans were out in full force. Wonderful site (^^). Although I was against this at first, I have softened up over night hahaha.

Would like to thank the original unloader :Bassilisab :location Twitpic

What a great picture, arigatou.