Utada Hikaru had announced to be musically highly active within this year, as she will be taking a break for a yet unspecified amount of time from next year on. As part of her activities, she is now contributing the theme song for the movie “Ashita no Joe”, which will be starring Yamashita Tomohisa and will hit cinemas across the countries next year on February 11th. The songs title is “Show Me Love (Not A Dream)” and Utada said about the track: “When you have someone to show you their real love, it often starts with the feeling of ‘Hey! Stop Dreaming! Come on!'”. With that the passionate lyrics are an appeal to show your love and seemingly fit the image of the movie perfectly.
As the track is released right before Utada’s break, it is very likely that it will be her last theme song for a while.

Moreover, on December 8th and 9th, Utada will then be holding her last concerts at Yokohama Arena and the ticket offices have been flooded with more than 150,000 applications for the show. However, since there is only enough room for 25,000 people on both days together, the live will be aired in eight different “69” cinemas all across Japan.
As Utada has been contributing her songs to numerous TV series and movies, she is certain to cause another storm with this one!


For all the original fans of Joe. here is a bit of nostalgia. Enjoy!