Yamashita Tomohisa aka (Yamapi) was indeed involved in an incident at a Korea airport a few years back.
Him and his group NEWS where in Korea for a few private days and decided to catch couch back with the public, not really thinking about the consequences of being famous Asian idols I guess.
Well needless to say, the other passengers on the plane recognized them and begin making calls to their friends and family members. The airport was swarmed with fan girls and boys when they finally arrived. The boys had no security because the airport staff had no idea who they were, or why so many people were losing their minds .

Throughout the incident Yamapi even tried to help a woman who nearly got trampled by the crowd, and his bag was stolen right out of his hand by crazy Korean fan girls screaming “We love you Yamapi”

What an ordeal. In the end Yamashita waved to the fans and left with some of the members of News cursing the Korean fans for their crazed behavior

Oh and to clarify the original post, Yamashita Tomohisa is not in the Korean group SS501. Kim hyun Joong who resembles Yamashita is the group leader of this also famous boy band group.

Ja ashita ne Kisha

SS501, Yamashita Tomohisa Raped by Korean Fans Japanese pretty boy Yamashita Tomohisa of boy band SS501 NewS was nearly raped by Korean fans at Kimpo Airport on the 5th. Yamashita Tomohisa was stormed by the crazy little Korean fan girls who grabbed and groped at the top star, tearing away his clothes. The fans also hit the star on his head with presents they were trying to throw at him. Although the entire situation was extremely dangerous, Yamashita Tomohisa stayed calm, waved at the fans a … Read More