From early childhood up until now Yamashita-san has been shining. His presence is breath takening when entering a room. His  manliness overwhelms even other men in the asian world.Preteen girls dream of him as their prince charming, and adult women want to gain his last name and bare his children.

What makes Yamashita-kun so appealing to the public? “The way he’s  marketed by Johnny’s ?”  His true personality?, or just our own wishful thinking of how we preseve him to be in our eye?
He is indeed a captivating young japanese man; Handsome yet beautiful, from any angle  he is simply perfect.
His ability to discern through conversation, and enteraction with the young and older generation is truly amazing, reading the atmosphere and humbling himself at all times to work hard and give a 100% , even at the cost of his own health is something to pay close attention to in the future for this raising young idol of Japan.
For someone so young to have such a arua about ones self is rare in these times.  He is a man of few words, only action. When he says , “It will be complete, I will work hard to bring you my best”.
He really brings his best to the table.  His eye seem to grab your heart and litterly pull you into his world from afar;Fangirls from around the world know the nickname, Yamapi from the far middle east to the United states of America.
“We are all in love with him. I will continue watching him with bright eyes, wishing for the best and always, always supporting him and his group News.”