Gross, old white guys patrolling for young black women, and girls!         :written  by notime4awatch

(((((( I take no credit for this post)))

it’s true! I know that most of you people think that white guys don’t
like black women, but I’m going to tell you people a well known secret.
"White men, love patrolling for young black women/girls, who are either
naive or down own their luck. So, girls beware!

You have 2 types
of "White creepers". You have the one’s that want to experiment and see
how it is to be with a black woman. As if being with a black woman, is
like being with another species. It really trips me out that these
dudes, think that being with a black woman, is some type of adventure
into some unknown galaxy. "Dude, this is not "Star Trek"! You are not
going where no man has gone before. Black women, are just women, with
darker pigmentation. She is just a WOMAN!"

Then you have the
"Old, Sleazy, Geezer". He is the old white dude, cruising around
looking for black hookers, young women, and even young teenage girls to
sleep with. He will spend his entire social security check for that
month, on some cheap snatch. He most likely lives in a run down
trailer, with his grossly over weight wife, and he is 9x’s out of
10…a good ‘ole boy.

Girls please beware of these sleazy men.
They are just predators, who prey on young black girls and women. If a
white man approaches you and his past his prime and over weight…he is
approaching you because he doesn’t think he can do better, and he see’s
you as cheap and easy. He doesn’t have ANY good intentions. He want’s
to use you. He isn’t planning on marrying you, that’s for sure.

Now I know that this post is going to ruffle some feathers, but I don’t care…because it’s the truth.