Haven’t been posting lately

Sorry to everyone who has waited for my posts to update. I lot has happened over the past months, and I am just getting back into the swing of things. So with that being said. “Here I am world!”

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Yamapi and Ryo leaving NEWS!!!!

Yamashita tomohisa along with Ryo Nishikido are offically leaving the J boy group “NEWS”.  The band was formed by Johnny Kitagawa in 2003, orginally with 9 members, over time the band became a 6 member sensation with Leader Yamashita Tomohisa well known by his fans as Yamapi.


Over the years the band members have engaged in their own activities,  Ryo being the lead in a popular band    “Kanjani Eight”, Tegoshi and Yuya formed “Tegomass”, Keiichiro now he can be seen weekly as a newscaster on NTV, and Shigeaki has starred in many dramas along with a  solo PV.

I guess from now on we can only wish all the guys our best. I pray that they are reunited soon.


Yamapi is sex on legs

yamapi    I just so happened across this page and almost died from a nose bleed.

The Lord and the Scorpion (Shiree McCaver)

Ethan Clare is a loyal subject of Queen Elizabeth I. While he is loyal he doesn’t like the Queen’s interference in his life. He has already lost one wife to childbirth and now the Queen has set up his marriage to another woman, when she comes of age.

While at Hampton Court Palace to celebrate the Queen’s birthday he sees, and falls for, a Moor, a servant who cares for Lady Frances, the child of Sir Francis Walsingham, the Queen’s most trusted advisor.

Sauda Mauri, a Moor, is a trained assassin. In addition to being Walsingham’s daughter’s caretaker she is working with Walsingham to eliminate the Knights of Darkness, a group of nobles bent on assassinating Queen Elizabeth and putting a Catholic on the throne.

While at Hampton Court Sauda is injured while saving the Queen’s life. At Walsingham’s insistence Ethan nurses her back to health. Then Sauda and Lady Frances travel to the Clara’s home, as Frances is to be trained as a lady-in-waiting by Ethan’s mother. And Sauda is continuing to search for the leader of the Knights of Darkness.

Rich in detail and history The Lord and the Scorpion by Shiree McCarver is a fantastic read. Ms. McCarver has created a story that captivated me from the first page and held me until the last. I loved the fact that Sauda was such a strong woman in Queen Elizabeth 1’s England. I was also entranced by Ethan’s love for her and his willingness to show that love.

I truly enjoy this book, and would recommend it to anyone into Black women White men romance.  

Yamapi falls (~~”)

Yesterday I read up on Yamashita san’s fall from the stage.  I was so worried for him after reading this mishap. I pray that he gets a much needed vacation after his solo cons. He definatly works too hard at times and never complains.  Yamashita san I will complain for you. Please give him a break Johnny. He really deserves it. 

Credit to Achan on Facebook for information.

Yamashita san had a mishap during the second show in Fukuoka on the 10th. While singing the song “Tomo”,he had to change out of his rope into a leather jacket, but as the stage was very dimly-lit, he must have missed a step and fell off the stage. There was a small bruise on his left cheek after he got back on the stage. He carried on performing as usual, with smile on his face! What a professional super star, I believe he can handle this little injury ’cause he is a strong guy! Not to worry, just wish him speedy recovery and hope that he rests well.



Marching J project kicks off

Johnny’s Entertainment kicks off the Marching J project.


Everyone looks so tired and sad.

Yamashita trending 4 Pi’s Birthday

Trending #JE – Trending for Yamapi’s Birthday [DECIDED]


Trend for Yamashita’s birthday project.  Please  click link and find out more about this trending  project!!